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London Taxi Tour.

Offering tours in London taxis for those that want a memorable experience.

If you don't see the tour you want or you have a special request then please email and we will help you to arrange your trip

Royal London Taxi Tour


About Us
We are a small family run London taxi service offering tours and transfers, primarily in Mercedes Vito taxis. We do not use Private Hire, as they do not meet the standards required. Many of our tours were the first of their type to be offered on or off line. We enjoy watching others trying to replicate what we do. For, to paraphrase Margaret Thatcher, 'a copy is just a fake by another name'.

About us.

What We Provide

Image result for london taxiA London taxi driver takes an average 3.5 years to qualify for their badge and the right to work as and call themselves a London taxi driver. They have to pass numerous topographical examinations, an advanced driving exam and a full criminal records check. Oh, and they also have to be able to speak English.

The rigorous process that is required to become a London taxi driver, means that their brains are larger.

LondonTaxiTour.Com, pride themselves on giving you a personal service, whether it is a transfer from one of the London airports, your very own private tour around London's iconic sights or the English countryside. Allowing you to see stately homes along with the wonderful scenery.

For those of you who are in a wheelchair or mobility impaired, our taxis are specially designed to incorporate the wheelchair access, with ramps to provide easy entry and harnesses for security during the journey. Then for those who are partially mobile and find getting on and off the steps on the coaches a problem, the taxi is equipped with an electric step.

We feel these taxis are great for the disabled, providing accessible transport with a door to door service that conserves your energy so you can enjoy the sights with your friends and family. More importantly, our London taxi drivers are experienced in working with people with disabilities.

We also have a lot of experience at designing bespoke tours, whether for a day or a fortnight. We can provide you with your very own driver who is there from the moment you step outside your hotel or apartment to the end of the day or night and you no longer require their services.

We have clients who sometimes require that we provide a taxi for their family and taxi for themselves so they can carry out their business in the City. Again this is something we have a lot of experience in.

Whatever your taxi or tour needs, we are sure, we have the solution at LondonTaxiTour.Com